Love at first sight

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend In shaa Allah. So i Want to tell you guys about the first time i entered a mosque.
Alot of people always told me that i did’nt seemed Danish, and alot of times i heard the phrase, one day you are going to be a muslim. And i guess In some ways it is true, i love the arabic culture, i love the food, the people. But i never connected that to islam. The first time i entered a mosque was In march and i remember i was soooo nervous, my friend was with me and i remember hugging her hand and i kept saying to her what if they look at me Strange or give me bad looks. And what if people Would ask me to leave because i wasnt wearing a hijab, or they Would laugh at me because i was Danish. My heart was beating so fast, and as we Were in front of the mosque i remember i was trying to behave my vision, i wanted to see everything there, but i did’nt Want people to Think i was staring at Them. When i came In the first Thing that hit me was the smell, and Then i was In love. The smell of the mosque made me Want too stay there forever, i know it seems wired but i just Got under a spell. There Were sooo Many people and everyone Said hallo to me, they wanted to know where i was from, why i was here and who i Were. And then i wasnt nervous anymore, i felt Like home. A brother was talking behind a carpet, and i was thinking how Nice the atmosphere was, Every sister In the room was smiling at me. Then the call to prayer began, and i Walked to the side, and i just stood there, thinking That i wanted to be one off them, apart off the sisterhood, i wanted to pray to God, thanking him for bringing me home, and bringing peace to my heart. One week later i had learn to pray.
As i started to spend more time In the mosque i started to understand that the people wasnt just Nice because of the culture and the culture wasnt great because of the traditions, all off it is because of the things Islam teaches Them. Islam teaches us to be better persons, to be nicer to eachother. To be brothers and sisters.