To my beloved sisters ❤️

Assalamu alaikum ❤
This one is for my sisters in islam.
I just want to say i love you, i love you for the sake of Allah swt. Because i know no matter where i am, there Will always be sisters around the World ready to help me. I love the sisterhood allah swt has blessed us with. Alhamdulillah. We maybe dont know eachother by name or by person, but we Will know eachother by islam in shaa Allah.

– Sisters you Will always be welcome in my arms. May Allah swt bless you, protect you, and May he strenght our imaan every day.
Remember eachother in your duaa, and May we all meet in jannah in shaa Allah yaa rabb. Ameen

Have a great Night everyone, and have a great Night sleep in shaa Allah ❤️

بِاسْمِكَ اللَّهُمَّ أَمُوْتُ وَأَحْيَا.
‘In Your name O Allaah, I live and die.’


Pointing fingers.

Assalamu alaikum dear followers ❤️
Im really sorry for not posting anything in a long time, i Will in shaa Allah be back now 🙂
So i really wanted to write about an importen topic today; pointing fingers at other people. We all know the story, we see a Girl with hijab and we say to our sister, brother, husband, who ever we are with; thats Fatima, she as a boyfriend, astaghfirullah.
But did you know the most importen part of this situation? If you keep quitet about another personens sins, on the Day of jugdement Allah Will take one of your biggest sins and hold his hand over it. Cause indeed Allah is the most protactive. Some people are so busy finding faults in others that they forget about their relationship with their creator. And subhana’allah! They will use your sins against you, something that you are searching forgiveness for, that kills you inside, THEY WILL USE IT AGAINST YOU! Some people are struggeling with showing their love for their creator, but Masha’Allah, they are going through every struggle for Allah!they accept Allahs test, and they Will pass, because they keep going through the struggle for Allah swt. So let Them point at you, because the only reason they are doing it, is because they feel better than you. Ask Them, are you the answer to my test, or are you just a part of it? Allah Can already have forgiven you, In Shaa Allah, and they Think they Can be the judge of you, but we only have one judge as muslims, LA ILAHA ILLALLAH! What a World… Ya Allah forgive us 😦
So this topic is not only islamic, it is for everyone. Dont make others buisness your own. If you are sticking your finger in gossip and concerns of other Peoples life, you Will become the reason for pain, tears and heartache. You May hurt a marriage, a friendship or something. Do you really wannabe the reason for that?
I am a muslim, islam is perfect, but i am not, dont blame islam, blame me.

So dear people i ever hurt, talked about or pointed fingers at you with a bad intention, Im sorry, from the bottom of my heart, im sorry. I hope you Can forgive me In Shaa Allah.
And to Everyone who did the same to me.. I forgive you, for the sake off Allah.