Did you remember to say thank you?

I took This picture today on the Way to my friend, we Were hanging out and her mom cooked us dinner. Alhamdulilah for a great Day, and her family masha’allah they always welcome me with open arms.
So now i am home and Im laying In my bed, and i am thinking off our behavior towards our creator.. We sin as if he was seeing nothing.. And he forgives as if he saw nothing. Subhan’allah what a Strange relationship.. He is truly the most forgiving and the most lovable. Allah swt, thank you for letting me have a bed i Can sleep In, a family that loves me and a place i Can feel safe. Alhamdulilah for everything you have blessed me with. Please remember our brothers and sisters that has nothing In your duaa and keep Them In mind!
Sleep good and have a great day when you wake up In shaa Allah. May the sun shine on your Way.


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