Love at first sight

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend In shaa Allah. So i Want to tell you guys about the first time i entered a mosque.
Alot of people always told me that i did’nt seemed Danish, and alot of times i heard the phrase, one day you are going to be a muslim. And i guess In some ways it is true, i love the arabic culture, i love the food, the people. But i never connected that to islam. The first time i entered a mosque was In march and i remember i was soooo nervous, my friend was with me and i remember hugging her hand and i kept saying to her what if they look at me Strange or give me bad looks. And what if people Would ask me to leave because i wasnt wearing a hijab, or they Would laugh at me because i was Danish. My heart was beating so fast, and as we Were in front of the mosque i remember i was trying to behave my vision, i wanted to see everything there, but i did’nt Want people to Think i was staring at Them. When i came In the first Thing that hit me was the smell, and Then i was In love. The smell of the mosque made me Want too stay there forever, i know it seems wired but i just Got under a spell. There Were sooo Many people and everyone Said hallo to me, they wanted to know where i was from, why i was here and who i Were. And then i wasnt nervous anymore, i felt Like home. A brother was talking behind a carpet, and i was thinking how Nice the atmosphere was, Every sister In the room was smiling at me. Then the call to prayer began, and i Walked to the side, and i just stood there, thinking That i wanted to be one off them, apart off the sisterhood, i wanted to pray to God, thanking him for bringing me home, and bringing peace to my heart. One week later i had learn to pray.
As i started to spend more time In the mosque i started to understand that the people wasnt just Nice because of the culture and the culture wasnt great because of the traditions, all off it is because of the things Islam teaches Them. Islam teaches us to be better persons, to be nicer to eachother. To be brothers and sisters.


Did you remember to say thank you?

I took This picture today on the Way to my friend, we Were hanging out and her mom cooked us dinner. Alhamdulilah for a great Day, and her family masha’allah they always welcome me with open arms.
So now i am home and Im laying In my bed, and i am thinking off our behavior towards our creator.. We sin as if he was seeing nothing.. And he forgives as if he saw nothing. Subhan’allah what a Strange relationship.. He is truly the most forgiving and the most lovable. Allah swt, thank you for letting me have a bed i Can sleep In, a family that loves me and a place i Can feel safe. Alhamdulilah for everything you have blessed me with. Please remember our brothers and sisters that has nothing In your duaa and keep Them In mind!
Sleep good and have a great day when you wake up In shaa Allah. May the sun shine on your Way.

islam is simple. Culture is complicated…


Today it feels like 80 percent of religion has become culture. Islam is for everyone, it is not cultural, it’s not for a specific population. Islam has no color.
Nationalism has become a disease. We will marry by nationality and culture. We Will not choose our partner by the deen of the heart or the strength of the person’s imaan. Islam does not distinguish between Arabs and non Arabs or Turks or nonTurks, it only comes to the fear off Allah swt. Remember islam is simple . Culture is complicated.

Far greater

subhan’allah we are so Busy judging each other, when we dont even know. Dont let look fool you, the heart May be full off imaan. May Allah swt protect us against the judging and see the good In us all. Ameen.
Goodnight everyone, thanks for following ❤
Ma’a salam

Wishing you and…

Wishing you and your loved once a happy Eid. Eid mubarak brothers and sisters.

Salam alaikum, og glædelig Eid. Det er min første Eid Ul Adha. 

Må allah subhana wa ta’ala tilgive mig hvis jeg siger noget forkert i forbindelse med dette indlæg 🙂

Eid ul adha er den største af eid højtiderne, hvilket navnet også indikere. Det er en fejring af profenten Abraham. Det er også i denne periode at muslimer fra hele verden tager mod Mekkah på prilgrimsrejse. Eid Ul Adha løber over tre dage modsat til den lille eid som løber i en enkeltdag. Det er min første Eid og den skal bruges sammen med mine søde veninder som har inviteret på mad. Vi skal hygge os i min venindes kæmpe lejlighed som ligger på nørrebro, og måske går vi ud senere og snupper os en kop kaffe (eller kakao i mit tilfælde) Igår der fastede jeg på den store dag, Arafat. At faste på denne dag, tilgiver 2 års synder, året der har været, og året der skal komme. Subhanallah, hvor tilgivende vores gud er. 

Jeg håber alle muslimer kommer til at få en dejlig dag med deres familie og dem de holder af, og hygger sig og ihukommer og takker deres skaber Allah swt, for deres velsignelser i livet. Alhamdulillah for alt der kommer fra Allah, hver taknemmelig hverdag. Og til alle ikke muslimer, jeg håber i alle for en dejlig dag og også nyder dagen med jeres familie og venner, og i måske vil opleve lidt af Eid-ånden. 

Ma’a Salam.


Salam Alaikum, and eid mubarak 🙂

This is my first eid Ul adha, so i am so happy alhamdulillah.

May Allah subhana wa ta’ala forgive me if i write any thing wrong in this post.

Eid Ul Adha is the biggest of the two eids. It is the celebration of the profet Abraham. It is also in this time muslims around the world goes to Hajj in Mekkah. Eid Ul Adha is going on for three days, and it is my first Eid, so i am going to spend it with my lovely girlfriends, who has invited me for dinner. We are going to have some fun in my friend big appartment, and maybe later we will go grab a cup of coffee (in my case a coco 😉 ) Yesterday was the big day Arafat, where most muslims In shaa Allah fast, fasting on that day will forgive your sins for the past year and the year to come. Subhanallah, Allah is truly the most forgiving. 

I hope every muslim will have a great day with their loved once, and they will remember allah swt and thank him for their blessings. Alhamdulillah for everyday, and may we In shaa Allah get to experience the next Eid. 

To all the non muslims, i hope you all will have great day and will enjoy the day with your families, and maybe experience the spirit of Eid Ul Adha. 

Ma’a salam brothers and sisters 🙂


Velkommen til min første blog


Assalam alaikum, Hola, hello, Hej, ciao, bonjour… Og Velkommen til min første blog 🙂 mit navn er Emilie, jeg er 19 år gammel og bor i København. Jeg blev muslim i april alhamdulillah for den velsignelse Allah swt har givet mig. Jeg har oprettet en blog fordi jeg håber jeg In shaa Allah kan inspirere andre og omvendt. Jeg blev gift i Juni måned med min dejlige mand. Jeg håber i vil nyde min blog og glæde jer ligesom meget som mig til at komme igang, jeg vil In shaa Allah forsøge så meget som muligt at blogge både på engelsk og dansk så alle kan forstå mig. Jeg elsker mad og vil derfor også gerne blogge mad opskrifter, islam, min familie og veninder. Alhamdulillah for alt og må Allah swt beskytte os alle 🙂

Assalam alaikum and hello!
Welcome to my blog, my name is Emilie and i am 19 years old, i live In Copenhagen. 6 months ago Allah swt blessed my life by me converting to islam. I have made a blog so i In shaa Allah Can inspirer other people and they Can inspirer me. In june i Got married to my lovely man. I really hope you Will enjoy my blog, and i am looking forward to start writting. I Will In shaa Allah try to blog In both english and Danish so everyone Can understand me. I Will blog about food, islam, my family and friends.
Alhamdulillah for everything and May Allah swt protect us.