Boonaa Mohammed

Salam aleikum my beloved followers.
Lately i been listning alot to Boonaa Mohammed’s poetry and i must say mashaAllah, im totally head over heals with the Way he gives dawah. Im on ny Way to bed inshaAllah, so for now i just want to give you some Night Reading, and my favorite poem by brother Boonaa. This poem just reminded me of why i became in love with islam ❤️
Good Night 2 you all, and May Allah swt protect you.

You should only say “I love you” when it is completely obvious,
And does not actually need to be said.
So I pray to God that I love her,
Until my very last breath.

Wallahi, she is perfect.
Everything about her just makes perfect sense,
And every time I get lost or confused,
She is a true friend.

Ever since I was a child, we used to study on the weekends.
I mean some of the brothers liked her, and some of the brothers were obsessed,
And at first I didn’t really get it, I mean what made her so different?
Until my eyes were opened wide to our sweet romance and,
Wallahi, she is perfect…did I mention that yet?

“Brother Boonaa is going crazy. He really needs help.”
Please judge me all you want, but keep the verdicts to yourself,
‘Cause no matter who you love, there will always be obstacles and critics.
And good looks aren’t everything, but hey it’s all I’ve really got.
And I want to get close to her because she is close to God,
So I cry my heart out, I let it all go, ’cause after rainfall must come a rainbow,
And trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never even met.

So I can’t turn back now. I can’t pretend to be ignorant,
And I can’t go around acting like she doesn’t have me on lock.
Has me lowering my gaze because she is always on the top,
Of my mind, designed as a kind gesture to all mankind,
So I could still see her beauty even if I was blind.

And I believe everything she says, because she has yet to lie,
And if you could point out a contradiction, I would gladly say goodbye.
But you can’t, so I can’t get her off my mind.
No word of a lie, she is a dime.
Eleven out of ten, amen!
…I mean “ameen.”

And I love the fact that she always has me thinking,
‘Cause to live without thinking is to shoot without aiming.
People have a lot of questions about her, and so I don’t mind explaining,
Because she has absolutely nothing to hide.
Her house is your house, and so you’re all allowed inside,
But what bothers me is when people who don’t know her talk bad about her behind back,
Uneducated chit-chat.

But she is perfect, why can’t you all just see that?
Why don’t you learn about her before you cast your stones?
We never blame love, even though love has caused plenty of wars.
You’ve never seen the wind, but you still know that it blows.
So trust me, there is no point in trying to break up our happy home,
‘Cause the struggle only makes us stronger, the changes make me wise,
And happiness has its own weird way of taking its sweet time.

She’s my other half, my sidekick on the side.
She makes me, me, we are partners in crime
Where she is, I am not far behind.
And if she’s in danger, then my life too is on the line.

And it’s not just a crush anymore. I want to learn everything about her,
Everything that happened before, to all of her friends, and all of her misguided foes,
And to be honest, I don’t really like arguing about her,
‘Cause I don’t want to do her the slightest of harm,
And I’d love to stay and entertain your battle of wits, but most of you are clearly unarmed.
I love and respect her like I have been taught to love and respect all women,
So to you is your love, and to me is my religion.

Some men manipulate her and use her for greed,
Kill in her name, but her name comes from peace,
So I stand by her pillars proud, she keeps me grounded.
Reminds me to be humble; through her are all the answers,
To every question even worth asking,
And to love her, you must be able to love all human beings.
They deserve to hear her words and learn of her teachings.

She represents what’s within, all my sisters and brothers,
Practiced by my kin, and praised by my mother,
A gift from Allah, sent from way up above.
She is Islam,
And I am in love

© Boonaa Mohammed – 2008


To my beloved sisters ❤️

Assalamu alaikum ❤
This one is for my sisters in islam.
I just want to say i love you, i love you for the sake of Allah swt. Because i know no matter where i am, there Will always be sisters around the World ready to help me. I love the sisterhood allah swt has blessed us with. Alhamdulillah. We maybe dont know eachother by name or by person, but we Will know eachother by islam in shaa Allah.

– Sisters you Will always be welcome in my arms. May Allah swt bless you, protect you, and May he strenght our imaan every day.
Remember eachother in your duaa, and May we all meet in jannah in shaa Allah yaa rabb. Ameen

Have a great Night everyone, and have a great Night sleep in shaa Allah ❤️

بِاسْمِكَ اللَّهُمَّ أَمُوْتُ وَأَحْيَا.
‘In Your name O Allaah, I live and die.’

Pointing fingers.

Assalamu alaikum dear followers ❤️
Im really sorry for not posting anything in a long time, i Will in shaa Allah be back now 🙂
So i really wanted to write about an importen topic today; pointing fingers at other people. We all know the story, we see a Girl with hijab and we say to our sister, brother, husband, who ever we are with; thats Fatima, she as a boyfriend, astaghfirullah.
But did you know the most importen part of this situation? If you keep quitet about another personens sins, on the Day of jugdement Allah Will take one of your biggest sins and hold his hand over it. Cause indeed Allah is the most protactive. Some people are so busy finding faults in others that they forget about their relationship with their creator. And subhana’allah! They will use your sins against you, something that you are searching forgiveness for, that kills you inside, THEY WILL USE IT AGAINST YOU! Some people are struggeling with showing their love for their creator, but Masha’Allah, they are going through every struggle for Allah!they accept Allahs test, and they Will pass, because they keep going through the struggle for Allah swt. So let Them point at you, because the only reason they are doing it, is because they feel better than you. Ask Them, are you the answer to my test, or are you just a part of it? Allah Can already have forgiven you, In Shaa Allah, and they Think they Can be the judge of you, but we only have one judge as muslims, LA ILAHA ILLALLAH! What a World… Ya Allah forgive us 😦
So this topic is not only islamic, it is for everyone. Dont make others buisness your own. If you are sticking your finger in gossip and concerns of other Peoples life, you Will become the reason for pain, tears and heartache. You May hurt a marriage, a friendship or something. Do you really wannabe the reason for that?
I am a muslim, islam is perfect, but i am not, dont blame islam, blame me.

So dear people i ever hurt, talked about or pointed fingers at you with a bad intention, Im sorry, from the bottom of my heart, im sorry. I hope you Can forgive me In Shaa Allah.
And to Everyone who did the same to me.. I forgive you, for the sake off Allah.


Im sorry its been such a long time since i last blogged.I am In London right now, so i dont really have the time.. Tonight i have been eating at a maroccan restaurant, and it was simply amazing! First we had a some different dishes among others tabbouleh, falaffel, sujuck and so on. At the maindish we Got tagine and it was soooo great. We finished off with moroccan tea and baklava. Amazing Night .. Enjoy the pics you guys and have a great saturday In shaa Allah ❤




Love at first sight

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend In shaa Allah. So i Want to tell you guys about the first time i entered a mosque.
Alot of people always told me that i did’nt seemed Danish, and alot of times i heard the phrase, one day you are going to be a muslim. And i guess In some ways it is true, i love the arabic culture, i love the food, the people. But i never connected that to islam. The first time i entered a mosque was In march and i remember i was soooo nervous, my friend was with me and i remember hugging her hand and i kept saying to her what if they look at me Strange or give me bad looks. And what if people Would ask me to leave because i wasnt wearing a hijab, or they Would laugh at me because i was Danish. My heart was beating so fast, and as we Were in front of the mosque i remember i was trying to behave my vision, i wanted to see everything there, but i did’nt Want people to Think i was staring at Them. When i came In the first Thing that hit me was the smell, and Then i was In love. The smell of the mosque made me Want too stay there forever, i know it seems wired but i just Got under a spell. There Were sooo Many people and everyone Said hallo to me, they wanted to know where i was from, why i was here and who i Were. And then i wasnt nervous anymore, i felt Like home. A brother was talking behind a carpet, and i was thinking how Nice the atmosphere was, Every sister In the room was smiling at me. Then the call to prayer began, and i Walked to the side, and i just stood there, thinking That i wanted to be one off them, apart off the sisterhood, i wanted to pray to God, thanking him for bringing me home, and bringing peace to my heart. One week later i had learn to pray.
As i started to spend more time In the mosque i started to understand that the people wasnt just Nice because of the culture and the culture wasnt great because of the traditions, all off it is because of the things Islam teaches Them. Islam teaches us to be better persons, to be nicer to eachother. To be brothers and sisters.

Did you remember to say thank you?

I took This picture today on the Way to my friend, we Were hanging out and her mom cooked us dinner. Alhamdulilah for a great Day, and her family masha’allah they always welcome me with open arms.
So now i am home and Im laying In my bed, and i am thinking off our behavior towards our creator.. We sin as if he was seeing nothing.. And he forgives as if he saw nothing. Subhan’allah what a Strange relationship.. He is truly the most forgiving and the most lovable. Allah swt, thank you for letting me have a bed i Can sleep In, a family that loves me and a place i Can feel safe. Alhamdulilah for everything you have blessed me with. Please remember our brothers and sisters that has nothing In your duaa and keep Them In mind!
Sleep good and have a great day when you wake up In shaa Allah. May the sun shine on your Way.

islam is simple. Culture is complicated…


Today it feels like 80 percent of religion has become culture. Islam is for everyone, it is not cultural, it’s not for a specific population. Islam has no color.
Nationalism has become a disease. We will marry by nationality and culture. We Will not choose our partner by the deen of the heart or the strength of the person’s imaan. Islam does not distinguish between Arabs and non Arabs or Turks or nonTurks, it only comes to the fear off Allah swt. Remember islam is simple . Culture is complicated.